Novus 360 Data & Pricing Transparency

Price transparency compliance. In 3 weeks.

The Novus 360 Data & Pricing Transparency solution fully supports the No Surprises Act. You can seamlessly integrate this solution within your existing system or website, so your members can easily understand their out-of-pocket expenses for procedures and visits. Your members can also comparison-shop and see what the same procedure would cost at different area facilities.

Features include Procedure Cost Transparency, Provider/Facility Comparison Shopping, and CMS Compliant.

Fully compliant with HIPAA and No Surprises Act

The Novus 360 Data & Pricing Transparency solution provides both necessary components to enable organizations to become compliant: a machine-readable file and a consumer-friendly shoppable service tool.

Three-week implementation timeline

All we need is your pricing data and your brand guidelines. Three weeks later, you’ll be live with our Novus 360 Data & Pricing Transparency solution.

Completely customizable

Our solution enables you to apply your organization’s logo and brand colors to emulate your organization’s look-and-feel.


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