Novus 360 Pharmacy Benefit Management

Fully integratable

With an established network of over 67,000 retail pharmacies across the US– from major chains to local independent stores– our PBM is the solution for all your members’ prescription needs. Our approach is proactive (versus reactive) so that we can provide greater access to appropriate medications for your members.

Features include: 24/7 Member Support, True Out-of-Pocket Reporting, Mail-Order Prescriptions, and Real-time Claim Tracking.

Proactive pharmacy claims management

Our member services team is proactive in pharmacy claims management: they correct input errors, provide utilization of generic prescriptions, and assist with copay for brand prescriptions– all while providing account management.

24/7 Member services

Our member services center is available 24 hours a day to serve you and your members. Our three service centers around the nation ensure that you always have help when you need it.

Real-time reporting and pharmacy monitoring

Novus 360 Pharmacy Benefit Management reports accurate, real-time out-of-pocket information. We also monitor pharmacies in real-time so that we stop a mistake before it happens.


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"[Comprehensive] has the best Customer Service by far, much better than the larger PBM’s can offer. Outside their exemplary customer service is their hands-on approach to manufacturer coupons / copay assistance and its effect on member Out of Pocket and Plan costs. [Comprehensive] has helped us save our clients substantially on high dollar prescription plan costs.”

Third Party Administrator

"I have never worked with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager that is more helpful. Finally I feel like I have an advocate in the drug benefit arena. It gives me a feeling of confidence that we are doing the best possible for our clients."

Tulsa, OK
Account Executive
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