Novus 360 Medical Management

Optimize medical care for your members

Our medical management solution ensures your members receive the best care without excessive testing and unnecessary costs. Our system focuses on identifying, facilitating, and implementing best practices in delivering quality, cost-effective care.

Features include: Medical Necessity, Prior Authorization, Concurrent Review, and Cost Control.

A world-class roster of nurses and physicians

With over 60 years of combined proven expertise in medical management, our clinical staff prides itself on timely decision-making, leading to better care and cost savings for organization and your members.

Completely secure and compliant

Leveraging state-of-the-art tech and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Novus 360 Medical Management exceeds the mandated HIPAA regulations.

We’ve got med cred.

Medical Management has met the rigorous standards of URAC Accreditation for Health Utilization Management.


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“Comprehensive has boosted our ability to deliver better care to our members. In the end, that is the most important thing. Delivering better care— and having a greater and more positive impact on the lives of all of our members.”

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